Saturday, 4 June 2011

GE Blenheim Triathlon - Sprint

Total: 01:21:35 (Position AG - 49, Overall 216)
Swim: 00:15:57 (Position Overall 1618)
T1: 00:03:23 (95)
Bike: 00:37:58 (356)
T2: 00:01:44 (749)
Run: 00:22:34 (97)

OK so this looks rubbish compared to Darren's (massive congrats I have no idea how one cycles that fast - I try not to even consider the swimming side of it) . . . . . still its all about PBs and like Darren I got a few here.

I have done this Sprint Tri a couple of times before (2008 & 2010) and so this year I was interested to see what some more focussed tri training and a new bike would do to my time. Secondary objective to beat the best time posted by members of my rugby club who have entered this is years gone past.

I was in the mixed start at 10:10 and got to see Tim Don and the rest of the elites whipping through T1 as I racked my bike next to my better half's. We arrived in good time and and therefore felt quite relaxed compared to frantic rushes in years gone by.

I decided that after enjoying the swim a few weeks ago in the HalfIM I was going to try a bit harder. I pushed from the start and was pleased to see that I was swimming right next to Emily for most of the first half and apparently just infront of her for the second half. We apparently got out of the water a few seconds apart but she slipped on the ramp and I was gone!. No chivarly here. . . . in my own defense I didn't know she was right behind me and considering grabbing my ankle for the last 300m as a bit of fun! Out of the water in a PB of c40secs in 15:57.

Then the 400m uphill run to T1, as usual I used this to gain back a good number of places and this time I even went for no socks to save a few more seconds. Up until that point I had been a drying feet and socks kind of triathlete. Out of T1 in 3:23 which turned out to be pretty fast and over all my transitions were a PB here by c1min, so thanks to the recent discussion on trying to be the best in transition . . . . I think this may be my potential relative strength . . .

Out onto the bike (with newly attached aerobar - fitted the day before). I certainly enjoyed using them but not convinced as to whether overall a positive on this day (having had no practice on them). Good on the flat and down hills but felt I was being less aggressive when trying to use them into the wind. Probably just need to get used to them a bit more. 3 laps of the course and back into transition but only 30secs quicker than last year. . . . I don't want to calculate the time and financial cost of those 30 secs! It was windy this year, that's my excuse and I am sticking to it. A slight fumble re-racking the bike as the aero bars got caught on the pink bag that we had positioned on the bar to help us find our bikes and out onto the run.

Caught a guy who had been kindly pacing me round the bike and forcing me to keep pushing within and few hundred meters and was away. Again passed lots of people - but no idea what wave etc but didn't get over taken. Started trying to push harder on the second lap and was winding in for a medium sprint to the line. I felt that I had pushed myself and didn't have too much left. But as I overtook a girl on the way in she started kicking for the line, so ended up in a full sprint finish to the line to ensure I won the mini battle, but this left me wondering if I had indeed pushed myself as hard as I could . . . still 22:34 a PB on the 5.4km run by nearly 2 mins.

So overall PB by 5m23secs, just over 2mins off the rugby time, and didn't get overtaken from exiting the water, so pleased with the late morning'w work, but plenty still to work on. I will certainly be pestering Darren as to how you get that good at cycling. Or maybe I could just go with a bit of EPO a la Lance ;-). My mrs also posted a PB (mainly due to the run) so we were both happy and satisfied with the sprint training we have been doing round Paddington Rec.

Finally saw Jenson Button, smashing up the run on the way back to transition. Then off to a local pub for a spot of celebratory lunch carefully selected from the good pub guide. An essential finish to all triathlons . . . in my mind anyway.

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